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But for the Grace of God
Read article Posted Mar 2019

Community Service Flights Instrument (Angle Flight)
Read article Posted Feb 2019 

Helicopter pilot not negligent in wire strike 
On 29 January 2009 a Eurocopter EC 120B was flying to Sydney from Scone. The aircraft collided with a power line which was about 10 metres. 
Read article Posted May 2013

Driver's Licence Pilot Medical for VH aircraft
CASA is now permitting a VH pilot to fly with a driver’s licence medical. However, there are some catches. 
Read Article Posted October 2012 

Australians Flying in the USA 
Bored with flying in Australia? Been there done that? Want something really special and different? Why not put your flying experiences in Australia to use in the USA and explore fantastic new territory. 
Read article Posted May 2012 

Private flying in the United States
Eight States in three weeks - read all about this adventure with over 30 photographs of the trip. 
Read article Posted October 2010 

Automatic AAT Stay of CASA Decisions 
2009 changes- Current law - New law - Comments: 
Read article Posted March 2009 

Power company owes duty to low flying aircraft
Recent court decision - Power company obligations to low flying helicopter confirmed: 
Read article Posted March 2008 

Is the diabetic pilot no longer automatically grounded or requiring a co-pilot? Not privately at least and commercially remains to be seen!
Read article Posted July 2007 

Is it or is it not an Accident on an Australian Commercial Airline? 
Read article Posted March 2006 

Logic Takes A Dive on Airspace:
Read article Posted November 2004 

The New 21 February 2004 Casa Suspension Provisions:
Read article Posted January 2004 

Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2003  
Effective dates and important amendments: 
Read article Posted November 2003. 

Strict Liability
Explained in context of Australian aviation: 
Read article Posted November 2003. 

Fit and Proper Person to hold a pilot’s licence?
The now current amendments to CASA’s role in suspending and cancelling a licence: 
Read article Posted October 2003.