Allan Anforth, Barrister

Contact details: 

Canberra Chambers, 1st Floor, AMP Building


Postal Address: PO Box 421, Canberra 2601.

Ph (02) 6257 7047; Fax (02) 6262 9656. 

Areas of Interest:

My areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Administrative law

2. Employment law 

3. Comcare 

4. Military Compensation 

5. Welfare and human rights law  

6. Health law


I have completed a Diploma of Laws (Solicitors Admission Board), Graduate Diploma of Public Law and a Masters of Law. I am a current member of the ACT Bar Association as well as a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of ACT and the High court. 

In addition to my legal training I hold a Bachelor and Masters degree in Science and am currently completing a PhD.

Positions Presently Held:

I am currently practicing as a Barrister in the ACT bar as well as nationally throughout Australia. In addition to this I hold the following positions: 

• Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Canberra

• Part time senior member of the ACT Civil and Administrative       Tribunal 

• Part time Lecturer of Law, University of NSW (Administrative law and therapeutic goods)

• Honorary Ambassador of the ACT

• Justice of the Peace (NSW)

Public Positions Previous Held: 

I have previously held the following positions:

1. Part time member of the NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

2. Part time member of NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal

3. Part time President of the ACT Consumer and Trader Tribunal

4. Part time member of the ACT Residential Tenancies Tribunal

5. Merits Reviewer under the Refugee Convention

6. Part time member Veterans Review Board

7. Part time member of the ACT Essential Services Consumer Council

8. Part time member of the ACT Credit Tribunal

9. Foundation member of Administrative Law Institute of Australia

10. Part time member of the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal

11. Director ACT Council of Social Services

12. Foundation member of the Conflict Resolution Service of ACT

13. Chair and Deputy Chair of Agents Board of A.C.T.

14. Part time member of the Drugs of Dependence Board of A.C.T.

15. Member of Ministerial Advisory Committee for fixing costs in federal jurisdictions

16. Chair person of People First Inc, an advocacy organisation for people with disabilities

17. Member of Ministerial Consumer Affairs Advisory Committee of A.C.T.

18. Part time lecturer in welfare law at Canberra TAFE

19. Board member of Welfare Rights and Legal Centre

20. Member of Ministerial Access to Justice Advisory Committee of A.C.T.

21. Member of Ministerial Ethnic Aged Care Advisory Committee (ACT) 

22. Chair, Community Services & Health Industry Training and Advisory Board of ACT 

23. Member of Ministerial Mental Health Steering Committee of ACT

24. Member of Ministerial National Drugs Strategy Shared Costs Advisory Committee

25. Member of Ministerial Emergency Relief Advisory Committee

26. Member Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Steering Committee of ACT


I have published widely in the legal field including numerous papers in law journals. Below are links to textbooks that I have co-authored.

1. Co-author “Social Security and Family Assistance Law” 4th ed 2014 Federation Press;  

2. Co-author “Annotated Commonwealth Employee Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988” 10th ed 2014 Federation Press (Comcare); 

4. Co-author “Residential Tenancies Law and Practice in NSW” 7th ed 2017 Federation Press; 

5. Co-author “Bush Law Handbook” Redfern Legal Centre Publishing 

A Guide to the Military Rehabilitation (MRCA)
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